Kata & Kobudo


RyuTe® Renmei has thirteen empty-hand kata, some demonstrated in the video and all listed below. With only one exception, these were passed down to Taika Oyata by Shigeru Nakamura.

  • Nihanchi-Shodan
  • Nihanchi-Nidan
  • Nihanchi-Sandan
  • Tomari Seisan
  • Pinan-Shodan
  • Pinan-Nidan
  • Pinan-Sandan
  • Pinan-Yondan
  • Pinan-Godan
  • Passai
  • Kusanku
  • Niseishi
  • Shihohappo No Te (family kata)


The weapons demonstrated in these videos, and listed below, all have their origins on Okinawa and the Ryukyu islands. Due to the scarcity of iron ore and a royal ban on metal weapons, Okinawan martial artists developed sophisticated ways of utilizing simple objects including farming and fishing equipment.

  • Bo (six-foot wooden staff)
  • Jo (four-foot wooden staff)
  • Tan Bo (a pair of two foot sticks)
  • Sai (a pair of trident shaped metal truncheons)
  • Manji Sai (similar to sai with forks pointing in opposite directions)
  • Eku (oar)
  • Nunte Bo (manji sai attached to the end of a bo)
  • Kama (sickle)
  • Tonfa
  • Chizikun Bo
  • Nunchaku (wooden flail)

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