RyuTe® RenMei

RyuTe® RenMei is the public art of Taika Seiyu Oyata. This classical form of Okinawan karate incorporates the teachings of all three of the major styles of early Okinawan martial arts; Shuri-Te, Tomari-Te, and Naha-Te. The “textbook” for training lies in twelve empty-hand katas, passed down to Oyata by Shigeru Nakamura. Due to Taika’s tireless efforts and early training opportunities with classical Okinawan and Chinese bushi (warriors), RyuTe® is unique in it’s approach to interpreting the movements and bunkai (applications) in these katas.

The early masters placed many less obvious techniques in the katas such as kyusho-jitsu (pressure, nerve and vital point striking) and Tuite-jitsu (grappling) techniques which have since been lost or overlooked by other styles of karate. Focus on these techniques is just one reason why RyuTe is a very well rounded self-defense system, easily personalized to the individual, and appropriate for all ages and body types.

Kata – The essential syllabus for RyuTe® RenMei lies within 12 empty-hand kata. Each kata (form) is a detailed choreographed pattern of movements that has been handed down through many generations and which contains all elements of fighting theory and practice.

Kyusho-jitsu – The art of striking pressure, nerve, and vital points on the body. Due to the vulnerability of these points, minimum strength is needed to cause maximum effects ranging from discomfort and pain to disorientation and unconsciousness.

Tuite-jitsu – The art of grappling and joint-manipulation.

For a further information on this approach to life-protection I encourage you to visit the following website: www.ryute.com

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